My Two Birdies

Today I made two birdies playing golf.

The first was on hole no. 1.  I hit a 345 yard tee shot that faded right around a dogleg right into the middle of the fairway.  I was 45 yards from the pin when I hit a soft L-wedge to within 8 feet of the hole.  I made the uphill put for birdie.

The second birdie came on hole no. 16, a short par 4.  My tee shot had to get up fast, as I took a shortcut to the hole. Most people hit a short iron or a fairway wood off of the tee, but I took a risk today and tried to blast a driver over the trees.  It worked.  My tee shot flew approximately 280 yards, landing on the fringe at the front of the green.  I hit a 9-iron chip shot 60 feet up the slope of the green. The ball stopped two feet away from the cup.  I made the short put to record my second and last birdie of the day.


2 Responses to My Two Birdies

  1. Kenny Flora says:

    You did not hit a 345 yard drive!!!!

  2. Despite doubts to the contrary, I did in fact hit a 345 yard drive. What I may have failed to mention in my post is that I did have a 45 mph Western Kansas wind blasting away at my back…and there may have been a little cart path bouncing action involved, as well. I didn’t think anyone would care abou those little details 😉

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